Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where You Wait for Me

So I thought it was about time I actually added to the blog here's a poem I did last spring, pick at it please and enjoy...

Where You Wait for Me
On a rock, on a beach, in the middle of nowhere
My journey ends here, where the land meets the sea.
I’ll ride into the sunset on the back of the sea
Breathing in foam, tides eroding my fingers and toes
It seeps into my bones, these currents and sands.

Sinking into the salt and water I become an urchin,
Wishing for a place I could cling to
I just wish I could have clung to you.
Love and the sea are sisters, both endless
They are fickle creatures, they can carry or deceive.
Lovers are just ripples on the surface of their vastness.

That vast sea carries me, sometimes near and sometimes far away
Someday it will carry me back where you are.
My journey ends here, on this rock by the sea
On a beach far from somewhere where perhaps you wait for me.

And you could wait, let me drift for a bit
In the waters of Egypt, India, and Cuba.
These warm waters will cool and I will grow lonely,
Slowly I’ll pick my legs from the corals,
Where I was stuck for a bit like a ship in the reefs
I’ll let go of some dreams, and grow a few others.

As long as, of course, as you’ll wait for me
On my rock, on my beach, my love, by the sea,
Which may not be as far gone as I once thought it to be.

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